Integration Settings – Synchronize Verbose Street Suffix

Synchronize Verbose Street Suffix

In addition to identifying moves, TrueGivers standardizes all addresses according to USPS formatting. The USPS formats all street suffixes in their abbreviated form (St vs Street, Ave vs Avenue, etc.).

You can view the USPS standard street suffixes here:

You can view the USPS standard format for County, State, and Local highways here:

We understand that some organizations prefer not to have these suffixes abbreviated and as a result we have created the Synchronize Verbose Street Suffix setting which allows the full word for the street suffix to be maintained in the standardized address.

To enable this setting, navigate to your integration settings (this is the cog icon in the upper right of your Data Stewardship Dashboard and scroll to the Synchronize Verbose Street Suffix setting. Simply check the box next to the setting and click save in the upper left corner.

To enable the Synchronize Verbose Street Suffix setting navigate to your integration settings, check the adjacent box and click save.

If you would like these settings to be applied right away, click the download button located at the top of your Dashboard. This will download all records from your Bloomerang account allowing us to update all records right away. Once this process is done, click the synchronize button.

If you do not want the setting applied right away, you’ll just need to turn the setting on within your TrueGivers Integration Settings. Once we do our full database processing and synchronization, all records should be updated.

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