Integration Settings – Sync Addresses as One Line Only

Sync Addresses as One Line Only

This setting that allows you to specify whether you would like address details to synchronize into your database into one line or into two lines. To enable this setting, click the cog icon in the upper right corner of your Data Stewardship Dashboard. Scroll down until you see the setting, which looks like this in TrueGivers:

Enable this checkbox in integration settings to synchronize addresses as one line only.

Here are some examples of how this feature could impact your database. This setting will affect both CRMs with explicit address line1 and line2 fields and also CRMs with free-form address blocks.

If the checkbox is enabled, we will synchronize address details into one line as follows:

An example one line address.

If the checkbox is disabled, we will synchronize address details into two lines. This is the default setting. Here's what that looks like:

An example two line address.

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