CRM Data Hygiene and Enhancement Services

Introducing TrueGivers' CRM Data Hygiene and Enhancement Services

TrueGiver's CRM Data Hygiene and Enhancement Services integrate with your CRM for fully automated hands-off data updates. That means that once you complete setup, you're done! We update your data, and you put it to work when you need it. Read more about how we prioritize industry standard data services (and why they matter) here.

A Quick Overview of Our Process

TrueGivers processes your data to standardize address data, provide new addresses for individuals and businesses who have moved, identify deceased contacts, and append Individual & Household Data Enhancements. We create a dashboard that shows a high-level analysis of your database. This helps you evaluate your organization's data health. As we identify changes, we populate the dashboard and update your records. In mere minutes, we'll finish a full scan and update records in your database with current addresses, deceased information, and Individual & Household Data Enhancements.

Supported Non-Profit CRMs

As of November, 2018, the following non-profit customer relationship management (CRM) systems are supported 100%:

Data Stewardship Dashboard

Without these data services, you could be wasting up to $0.95 per record for each engagement

With daily updates included, this integration sets you up to succeed in tackling three common challenges non-profits face:

  • Managing direct mail data - sending mail to people who have moved, vacancies, and invalid addresses not only means you wasted postage, it also means that you have to waste time getting the new addresses in your database, and updating invalid addresses so you don't mail them again. You might even incur fines from United States Postal Service if you send enough mail.
  • Maintaining deceased suppressions - mailing to deceased donors is harmful to your brand, constituent relationships, and it also contributes to wasted spending because your engagement efforts won't ever make it to the intended recipient.
  • Acquiring enhancement data for segmentation - sending the right message to the wrong person is a wasted opportunity. Without data enhancements and segmentation, you miss opportunities to meet donors where they are.

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