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Without TrueGivers Data Stewardship Services, you could be wasting up to $0.95 per record for each engagement

With daily updates included, TrueGivers Data Stewardship integration sets you up to succeed in tackling three common challenges non-profits face:

  • Managing direct mail data - sending mail to people who have moved, vacancies, and invalid addresses not only means you wasted postage, it also means that you have to waste time getting the new addresses in your database, and updating invalid addresses so you don't mail them again. You might even incur fines from United States Postal Service if you send enough mail.
  • Maintaining deceased suppressions - mailing to deceased donors is harmful to your brand, constituent relationships, and it also contributes to wasted spending because your engagement efforts won't ever make it to the intended recipient.
  • Acquiring enhancement data for segmentation - sending the right message to the wrong person is a wasted opportunity. Without data enhancements and segmentation, you miss opportunities to meet donors where they are.

Your TrueGivers Data Stewardship Dashboard includes a savings estimate to help you determine your potential savings when using our Data Stewardship services

TrueGivers estimates savings based on wasted postage & creative, potential postal penalties, deceased communication, and lack of segmentation.

Estimated savings from TrueGivers Data Stewardship dashboard

The savings figure in bold in the upper right indicates the total estimated savings for your account. The grey figure below this indicates the savings since the previous update, and the percentage of change in savings since the previous update.

We base our saving estimates on data from all of our products including TrueAppend , TrueDeceased and TrueNCOA. Individual results can vary widely based on an organization's data quality and best practices.

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