Sprint 24 Release

New Features

These data stewardship features are operational across all integrations, including:

Revert Archived Records

TrueGivers now provides the ability to Revert a record that has a status of Archived in TrueGivers. TrueGivers archives records within the app when we find new downloaded address data. This allows us to always use the most recent data within your CRM to process for standardization, moves, and new deceased and enhancement data.

You can navigate to an archived record, and you will now see a Revert and synchronization button visible on the record display page.

Revert Archived Record
Click the Revert button to return your record back to its original downloaded data.

When you click revert, you'll see a green notification at the top of the page confirming the Revert. When we revert, all other active records that are related to this record. This prevents the record from being synchronized at the next automatic synchronization.


Archive Revert Confirmation
Archive Revert Confirmation


Delete Records

Some customers were receiving errors if they deleted a record within TrueGivers. We have updated our redirect to bring the user back to the Data Stewardship Dashboard.

Exclude Inactive CRM Users

Some customers noticed that Tasks were being assigned to Deactivated Users. We have filtered users that have a status of Deactivated from being auto-selected for Tasks. Read more about Stewardship Tasks.

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