What We've Invented


Fully automated deceased suppression for records by name, address, phone, and email address.

New: TrueDeceased provides the same exact service as any other provider at a fraction of the cost. Find out if important contacts are deceased suppression records with a free TrueDeceased Report before you make a purchase.

Current: TrueDeceased was created to save you time and money by reducing the overhead and costs associated with deceased suppressions.


Instant data appends to support fundraising segmentation and analytics.

New: Append a lot, or just a little. Our self-service platform allows you to enhance your records with the data you need. We believe in transparency. That's why we provide detailed reports and data previews before you make your purchase decision.

Current: TrueAppend was created to empower organizations of all shapes and sizes to reap the benefits of data appends to support their fundraising analytics.

On the fly mapping, segmentation, and visualizations.

New: Address verification, geocoding, and mapping just got a lot better. Put address data to work and visualize geography and relationships in just a few clicks.

Current: TrueGeocode was created to empower organizations of all shapes and sizes to reap the benefits of address verification, geocoding, and mapping. Our services help reduce costs and keep databases free of inaccurate data while enabling advanced input validation and data visualization.


TrueNCOA was created to save you time and money by reduce the overhead and costs associated with NCOA processing.

Our service helps you improve deliverability rates, save money through postage discounts, eliminate wasted postage by updating addresses, and keep databases free of outdated and inaccurate addresses by applying the most advanced hygiene tools in the industry.

donordossier.com (retired)

Donor Dossier gives you the tools to research prospects and connect with independent researchers to improve your fundraising intelligence.

We’ve made the entire system feature-focused with your needs in mind.  Whether you’re an independent or full-time prospect researcher, a gift officer, or someone who is responsible for maintaining the integrity of processes and the supporting data, we hope you’ll find our platform easy to use – even with some of our most advanced features.

What We're Inventing Now

We created donorato to provide a flexible prospect research tool for non-profit organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Donorato aggregates donor and prospect data from various public sources, and enhances it with demographics and firmographics. This allows us to create and maintain a searchable charitable giving database of prospect profiles. We also provide visualization tools and send notifications regarding your top donors and prospects so you can spend less time searching across data sources.

Bringing the value of cooperative data exchanges to the small to mid-sized non-profit community

We are working on the future of cooperative databases in the non-profit industry.  Cooperative databases have only been accessible to very large institutions who can afford to pay big bucks for putting their data in and getting their data out.  We are engineering a revolutionary new approach to this problem.

Connecting local businesses and non-profits to build a better platform for community grants

New: Local businesses and nonprofits have always had a strong connection via micro grants. We envision a landscape with less paperwork, better relationships, and more gifts making an impact in local communities. But the community giving process can be better for businesses and nonprofits alike. We're engineering a streamlined process that makes it easier for nonprofits to find partners, and easier for businesses to understand and share their positive influence on their communities.

Current: Local businesses and non-profits have always had a strong connection via “micro grants”.  In the past it has been too difficult for non-profits to identify willing businesses and required a lot of effort for businesses to sift through the paperwork and support their local non-profits.  We are engineering a more streamlined process to help local businesses and non-profits get more value out of the granting process.