Sprint 32 Release

These data stewardship features are operational across all integrations, including:


Updated Dashboard Counts

Some dashboard card counts were not reflecting the new address status of Missing or Unconfirmed Address Line 2. This new status indicates an address that is valid according to USPS, but the secondary address could not be confirmed.  Counts have been included to ensure that mailable addresses are being identified as mailable in the counts and non-mailable addresses are being identified as non-mailable in the counts on the dashboard.


Some records would error if the downloaded address was deleted from the CRM before synchronization. This has been resolved, and all addresses should now synchronize. If you notice a Re-Sync button at the top of your dashboard, you should click the button! This will attempt to synchronize those records again for you.

Click the yellow Synchronize button to re-synchronize errored records.