Integration Settings – Do Not Automatically Parse City and State Using Postal Code

Do Not Automatically Parse City and State Using Postal Code

This setting allows you to choose if TrueGivers should correct the city and state name during address parsing based on postal code or if we should use the downloaded city and state.

In some cases the USPS may recognize certain zip codes as belonging to multiple cities, which can cause the city and state listed on your downloaded account to be updated incorrectly when when we parse the record.

Unless you are experiencing this issue, we recommend that you leave parsing enabled and do not enable this setting as address parsing helps TrueGivers to be more comprehensive, and allows our process to update and standardize more addresses.

If you find that this has occurred with any of your accounts and would like to disable this parsing feature, you can enable the Do Not Automatically Parse City and State Using Postal Code setting. To enable this setting, navigate to your integration settings (this is the cog icon in the upper right of your Data Stewardship Dashboard), scroll down, check the box next to the setting and click save in the upper left corner.

  • Unchecked (default setting) - TrueGivers will automatically correct city and state using postal code.
  • Checked - TrueGivers will use the city and state name provided on download.
To disable automatic parsing of city and state using postal code, check the adjacent box and click save.

Once you have selected this setting, make sure to click the save button in the upper left corner of the integration settings page. You can return to your dashboard by clicking the green leaf above the save button.

In order to apply the setting to affected accounts, you will first need to delete any effected accounts from TrueGivers using the delete button on their record detail page. You should then initiate a full download of your database by clicking the download button in the upper right hand corner of your TrueGivers dashboard. Additionally, you can always click the download button located on an individual record. This will delete and download that single record.

You can contact if you need assistance with this.