Sprint 85 Release


These data stewardship features are operational across all integrations, including:


New Setting - Do Not Parse City/State From Postal Code

TrueGivers created a new setting that allows you to control if TrueGivers should not attempt to parse city and state from the input postal code. When TrueGivers downloads your addresses, we automatically send them for parsing. This allows us to identify all parts of the address and remove any additional parts (like addressee or attention data) that may cause USPS to incorrectly identify it as an invalid address. In addition, we can populate a missing city or state based on the provided postal code.

However, there are cases where you may not want TrueGivers to parse the city/state from the input postal code. For example, there are instances were multiple cities or towns share a postal code. This is simply because they share the same mail delivery unit. TrueGivers' parser will occasionally parse or correct the city and state to match the input postal code. However, it may correct the city to be another more populous city that shares the postal code.

  • Emeryville, CA 94608
  • Oakland, CA 94608

Technically, USPS will still generally deliver to an address whether it has Emeryville or Oakland listed as the city. This is because the USPS will use postal code and postal code extension to determine the exact delivery point.

The new setting Do Not Parse City/State From Postal Code allows you to decide if we should use the downloaded city and state or allow the system to parse it based on postal code. This allows you more control over your city names that may be changed to a nearby city that shares postal codes.

Do Not Parse City State From Postal Code - Setting
Do Not Parse City State From Postal Code - Setting

When this setting is checked and enabled, then during download we will use the city and state listed on download even if the city and state do not correspond with the postal code (example: New York City, New York, 94608). We will still parse the rest of the address in order to identify addressee and attention data.

When this setting is unchecked and disabled, then during download we will parse the city/state to be based on the input postal code. For the example listed prior (New York City, New York, 94608), the parser will change the city/state to match the given postal code: Emeryville, CA 94608.

This setting will only be applied to new records that are downloaded into TrueGivers. If you would like to apply this setting to existing accounts, you will need to delete those accounts from TrueGivers. Once you have deleted them, then click the download button located on your TrueGivers Dashboard.

If you have several hundred accounts that you need deleted at once, please contact support@truegivers.com for assistance. Our team will be happy to delete accounts for you and get your accounts re-downloaded into TrueGivers.



Unique Quick Link Redirect

Some customers were unable to use the quick links located on the record display page and the tasks display page. The quick links on these two pages allow you to access your donor's account in your CRM.

The quick link located on the record display page can be found in the top left. To use the quick link, simply click on your Donor's name. As long as you are logged into your CRM, we will open a new tab and redirect you to your donor's account.

Record Display Page - CRM link
Click on the Donor Name to open your donor's account in your CRM.


The quick link located on the task display is a little more straightforward. When you open a task, there will be a link that says 'View record in CRM NAME".

Task Display Page - CRM link
Click on 'View record in CRM' to open your donor's account in your CRM.

TrueGivers uses a default URL to create the links. However, some CRM's allow customers to create a unique CRM link for their Organization.  TrueGivers can now update this link for you. If you created a unique subdomain with your CRM and would like to update this in TrueGivers, please contact us with your Organization Name and URL Subdomain at support@truegivers.com. We can get it updated for you asap.