Sprint 92 Release


Record Country Code on Download

Please note these changes only apply to customers using DonorPerfect. 

TrueGivers now retains the country code listed on an address on download. Previously, the system would default to 'US'. In most cases, the system would still ignore international addresses, but there were identified cases where an international address was processed. When this happened, the address would be marked as bad or nonmailable by the integration.

TrueGivers is going through all DonorPerfect accounts to confirm that no changes have been made to your international accounts, and we will restore any accounts that may have changed.  If you note any incorrect changes to your international addresses, please contact donorperfect@truegivers.com. Thank you!



Receipt Delivery Type Updated to Default Setting

Please note these changes only apply to customers using DonorPerfect.

Some customers noted that their Receipt Delivery Preference field was being updated involuntarily by TrueGivers. This field was being updated to the customer's Default Donor Receipt Delivery Method noted in your Receipt Settings. This issue has been resolved to ensure that your Receipt Delivery Preference does not change by the TrueGivers integration.