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Integrating TrueGivers & DonorPerfect

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Getting Started

Step 1: Find your client id number and retrieve your API key.

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Step 2: Add customizations with user defined fields.

Add UDFs in Contact Preferences

Step 3: Register with your API key.

Registration Form

Step 4: TrueGivers downloads and processes your data.

Registration Complete

Step 5: When TrueGivers finishes processing your data, the dashboard is updated to show high-level hygiene details.

Synchronize and Next Steps messaging prompt

Step 6: Synchronize and revert individual records to see what TrueGivers does during the nightly sync.

TrueGivers Record Display

Step 7: TrueGivers synchronizes with DonorPerfect nightly, so your data is always as current as possible.

Synchronize dashboard

TrueGivers & DonorPerfect Integration

The integration between TrueGivers and DonorPerfect was created to keep your database updated automatically with CASS/DPV/NCOA/RDI, Deceased Information, and Individual & Household Data Enhancements. The process is streamlined and easy to set up.

  1. Register and setup your database for the integration
  2. TrueGivers downloads your database and processes daily
  3. TrueGivers synchronizes the results with your database automatically overnight

TrueGivers will update your Data Stewardship Dashboard when we find new data, which offers insights into the potential impact the data can have on your organization. The report also includes an analysis of cost savings your receive through a TrueGivers integration.

Download your Database

When you have finished registering for the TrueGivers and DonorPerfect integration, TrueGivers will start downloading your data immediately. We will retrieve Account Information and Address details. These will be accessed by TrueGivers over a secure connection. During download, you will see the count of Total Records increasing in the Total Records card located on the top left corner of your Data Stewardship Dashboard.

Dashboard Cards
Dashboard Cards

The total records count includes a count of Individual Accounts from your database. This count can include records that have partial name pieces or partial address pieces. The other Data Stewardship Dashboard cards may not populate until after your database is processed for the first time.

Process your Database

After your records have been downloaded, we automatically send them to be processed through following data services:

  • CASS/DPV - All of your addresses will be hygiened to comply with USPS standards.
  • NCOA (National Change of Address) - All of your names and addresses will be processed against the USPS NCOA 18/48 month update file. New addresses will be added and old addresses will be archived.
  • RDI (Residential Delivery Indicator) - All of your addresses will be flagged to indicate if the delivery address is a residence or commercial location.
  • Vacancy & Other Address Services - All of your addresses will be flagged to indicate if the delivery address is mailable.
  • Deceased - Any deceased individuals or households will be flagged with a confidence, date, and obituary link.
  • Real Estate & Individual Data Enhancements - Individual and household records will be enhanced with third-party and curated data. We're always adding new ones, so be sure to check the data dictionary.

When your database has completed processing, your Data Stewardship Dashboard will refresh. You will now see your Data Stewardship Dashboard cards have updated. Plus a new row of cards have appeared. These Synchronize cards will give you specific details about the changes that will happen when we synchronize to your database.

Synchronization cards
Synchronization cards

Review your Data Stewardship Dashboard

As we identify changes, we populate the dashboard with high level analysis of your database. This helps you evaluate your organization's data health. In mere minutes, we'll finish a full scan. This allows TrueGivers to synchronize records in your database with current addresses, deceased information, and Individual & Household Data Enhancements.

Data Stewardship Dashboard
Data Stewardship Dashboard

Synchronize the Data

When your account has sufficient credits, TrueGivers will automatically synchronize all data with the appropriate sections and fields in your DonorPerfect accounts. To learn more about purchasing credits visit DonorPerfect - Setup.

synchronization button
You can click the Synchronize button to manually begin the synchronization process

You will find new information in the custom user defined fields you created in your accounts.

NCOA, CASS, and DPV Data

  • All addresses will be standardized to comply with USPS standards.
  • All address fields will be synchronized whether or not a new address has been found.
    • The new, move address will be entered into the Address Fields located in the Main Tab, Constituent Contact Information.
    • The original address will be moved to the Addresses Tab, Secondary Address Details.
    • The original address will have an Address Type of Old Address; this field is located in the Addresses Tab, Secondary Address Details.
  • All addresses that have been identified as non-mailable will be removed from the primary.
    • Non-mailable addresses will be located in the Addresses tab.

Deceased Flag Data

  • All records that have a deceased match will be identified in the deceased custom UDFs.
    • The Deceased Type field will indicate if an Individual or Household deceased match was found.
    • The Deceased Date field will indicate the recorded date of death
    • The Deceased Link field will provide a built-in search link.
  • If an Individual Deceased match was found, the DonorPerfect Deceased field will be populated.
  • If your Synchronize Deceased Preference = true, then the NoMail and NoMail Reason fields will be populated.

Enhancement Data

  • All records with matching enhancement data will be returned into User Defined Fields.
  • If User Defined Fields are created, this data populated in your created fields.

Automatic Daily Processing

TrueGivers processes your database daily to look for new data matches to existing accounts, new accounts, and accounts you made edits to. With each process your database receives CASS/DPV/NCOA/RDI, Deceased Information, and Individual & Household data enhancements.


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