Integration Settings – Synchronize Deceased Preference

Synchronize Deceased Preference

This setting allows you to update Do Not Contact preferences for deceased individuals in your CRM. By default the setting is deselected, which means that individuals identified as deceased will be marked with a deceased flag within the CRM but will not indicate a Do Not Contact preference. If you would like to add a Do Not Contact preference for individuals identified as deceased, you will need to enable this setting in your integrations settings. To access your integration settings, click the cog icon in the upper right corner of your Data Stewardship Dashboard.

Select Synchronize Deceased Preference in order to update Do Not Contact preferences for deceased individuals.

Once you have selected your deceased preference, make sure to click the save button in the upper left corner of the integration settings page. You can return to your dashboard by clicking the green leaf above the save button.

Remember: Enabling or Disabling this setting will not prevent TrueGivers from updating an Individual Deceased match with a deceased flag.

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