Reset your Password with TrueGivers

Accessing your TrueGivers Account

When your TrueGivers account is created, you'll receive a welcome email. This welcome email will include a temporary password and link to reset your password to something unique. Sometimes, you'll need to reset your password manually if the original temporary password and link have expired.

Once you have reset your password, you will be automatically logged in to your TrueGivers integration account.


Most login issues can be resolved by resetting your password, even if you have never logged in before. Reset your password here:

Not all integration accounts use a username/password to log in, if you are having an issue please notify us at

Reset Your Password

To reset your password for TrueGivers, you will need the following information:

  1. A Temporary Password emailed to you by
  2. A Reset Password unique link emailed to you by

Don't have this information?

You can reset your password at any time here:

How to Reset your Password

If your welcome email temporary password link has expired, or you just want to change your password, you can take the following steps:

Click Reset it Here on the Login Page

On the TrueGivers Login page, you'll see a form to enter your username and password. Below this form and the Login button is language that says "Forgot your password? Reset it here".

To set your password for the first time or reset your password, click the Reset Password link (Reset it here) located on the login page

Reset your Password from Login
Reset your Password from the Login page

Password Reset Form

You'll be directed to the Password Reset form. This form will ask you to enter in your Email Address. Please note that your email address is the same as your username for TrueGivers. Once you have entered in your username, you should click the Send Password Reset Email button.

Reset Password
Reset Password

The page will refresh and you'll see a blank form again. You should now access your email's inbox to receive the Reset Password Email.


View Inbox for Reset Password Email

Open your email to view the Reset Password Email. This email will be sent from Please check your junk or spam email folder if you are not seeing it!

Reset Password Email
Reset Password Email

In the email, you'll see a temporary password. Below the password will be a link to change your password.

Haven't received the email? Email us at

Reset your Password using the Reset Password Link

Click the "Reset your Password" button or copy and paste the URL in the body of the Reset Password email.

This should open the Reset Password page in a new tab, if it does not, you should open your email in a new tab or window to view the temporary password.

Change Password
Change Password

Reset your Password using the Temporary Password

On the Reset Password page, you'll see a form with three fields:

  1. Temporary Password
  2. New Password
  3. Confirm New Password

Use the Temporary Password in the email sent to you and enter this Temporary Password in the form. Next, enter in your new unique password in the New Password field. Then, enter the same new unique password in the Confirm New Password field. Finally, click Change Password.

You'll be automatically logged in if your password change is successful!

TrueGivers dashboard
TrueGivers dashboard

Having an Issue?

Account is Locked

If your account is locked, then you need to change your password. You can reset your password here:

Follow the prompted instructions on the page and in the reset password email to reset your password and log into your account.

Temporary Password Expired

If your temporary Password has expired, you can restart the process here again by resetting your password:

Follow the prompted instructions on the page and in the reset password email to reset your password and log into your account.

Temporary Password is Incorrect

The Temporary Password provided in the Reset Password email is unique and contains a combination of numbers, letters, and characters. You should type these into the Temporary Password field rather than copy and pasting. Sometimes a space is included when you copy and paste which can cause the Temporary Password to be identified as Incorrect.


Other issues?

If you are having any other issues, please contact us at