Segmentation and Reporting with Individual & Household Enhancement Data

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Customized donor experiences are more memorable and higher impact than generic messaging and asks. They make donors feel understood and welcome, and like you still need their help. Segmentation is a key tool for creating tailored, memorable experiences for your donors that help you build relationships and raise more money.

Segmentation with Individual and Household Attributes

Usually, donors that have similar Individual and Household Enhancement Data values behave similarly. Those values can be used to predict how other donors may behave. Individual & Household Enhancement data should be used to create reports on campaign performance and see how a certain segment compares to others. Your team should be asking:

During the summer months, how did my donors with Income Decile $100,000 - $129,999 compare to my donors with Income Decile $70,000 - $99,999?

You should not use the data for prospecting and targeting like this:

My brand new donor Kathleen is a Catholic that makes $200,000+ per year. I'm going to ask her to donate $500.

An example segmentation method is to test ask amounts by group. Testing a high net worth, middle-age, high market value decile by highlighting the $100 ask on a mailer vs. a control package where the $50 ask amount is highlighted is a great way to put the data to use.

About Custom Fields

The TrueGivers Profile helps you visualize your custom fields ( individual and  household enhancement data), and it supports attribute analysis. Each attribute is accompanied by a set of graphs that plot the distribution of records that matched to the attribute values.


Market Value Profile Attribute
The Profile helps you visualize your enhancement data, and it supports attribute analysis. Here's an example Market Value Range.

Remember, you have full control of the data once it gets into your database. Please ensure that you and your team review the Individual & Household Enhancement data and update the fields within your CRM if you know something we do not.  Because you have a personal relationship with your donors, there is always a chance that you know more about them than our data does.

If you update one of the TrueGivers' custom fields, this field will not be synchronized unless TrueGivers find new matching data for the constituent. Additionally, TrueGivers only populates the indicated custom fields with our Individual & Household enhancement data. These fields do not alter your existing data.

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