Finding Mailable Addresses in Bloomerang

The TrueGivers & Bloomerang Integration is fully automated. That means that once you complete setup, you're done! We synchronize the data, and you put it to work when you need it.

During the synchronization process, TrueGivers pushes new data into your Bloomerang database. To get the most out of this data, you may need to make some additional configurations. To ensure the full scope of TrueGivers address data is applied, we recommend configuring your Bloomerang Mailing Report.

To view the accounts that have been updated by TrueGivers each night, Bloomerang supplies instructions here:


To create a Report of Mailable Primary Addresses in Bloomerang, you can take the following steps within Bloomerang:

  1. Create a new constituent report.
  2. In the Include area, click Add Filter.
  3. Click Has Addresses.
  4. Click Addresses and click Specific Addresses.
  5. In the Address Filters section and the Include area, click Add Filter.
  6. Click Is Primary, click OK.
  7. In the Address Filters section and the Include area, click And..
  8. Click Is Bad, then click Is not
  9. Click OK, and then click OK again.
  10. In the Exclude area, click Add Filter.
  11. Click Status.
  12. In the status dropdown, click Inactive and click Deceased.
  13. Click OK.

The report should refresh and provide you a list of all accounts with Mailable Primary addresses that are active accounts.

Please contact for additional assistance.