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Integration Settings

Integration settings - User notifications

Integration settings - Sync address as one line only

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Integration Settings - New Addressee Option

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Integration settings - Do not automatically parse city and state using postal code

Understand the Data Stewardship Dashboard

The Data Stewardship Dashboard provides high-level summary information of the data processed. Learn more about the dashboard below (click to enlarge).

Data Stewardship Dashboard
Data Stewardship Dashboard

  1. Total Records: Total records refers to the number of records downloaded from your CRM database.
  2. Individuals: The individuals count is a count of individuals with a full name and address.

Click Through Links

We released a new feature that allows users to see lists of records with data enhancement updates based on dashboard cards and other dashboard areas. Wherever you see an underlined label you can click through to see a list of all records associated with that count. A good example is the Moves card near the top of the dashboard.

Users can also find these lists by clicking the search icon in the top navigation of TrueGivers. If you do not specify any search criteria and click the search icon, you will be redirected to the search page.

Use the Filter option in the top of the page to choose from a number of Click Through Lists.

TrueGivers currently supports:

  • Deceased (dashboard card)
  • Deceased: Individual
  • Deceased: Household
  • Email Addresses
  • Email Addresses: Invalid
  • Email Addresses: Missing
  • Email Addresses: Valid
  • Mailable Addresses (synchronize card)
  • Mailing Addresses
  • Mailing Addresses: Invalid
  • Mailing Addresses: Missing
  • Mailing Addresses: Valid
  • Moves (dashboard card)
  • Moves (synchronize card)
  • Non-Mailable Addresses (synchronize card)
  • Phone Numbers
  • Phone Numbers: Invalid
  • Phone Numbers: Missing
  • Phone Numbers: Valid

Review the Update Display Page

Available through the Data Stewardship Dashboard, you can select your update name (located in the table below the Choropleth Map) to view each Update Display page. The Update Display provides two separate reports on the data processed.

The Input Record Report includes details about the records before they have processed through TrueGivers.

  • Valid Records
  • Invalid Records
  • Duplicates
  • Invalid Name (missing First or Last name)
  • Invalid Address (missing Address 1, City, State, or Zip code)

The Mailing Address Report includes counts on details found through the CASS/DPV and 0 - 48 month NCOA process.

  • Valid Addresses
  • Invalid Addresses
  • Duplicates
  • Moved, no forwarding address
  • Non-Deliverable
  • Vacant
  • Expired

TrueGivers update display page
TrueGivers' update display page has an Input Data Report and a Mailing Addresses Report.


TrueGivers provides a full list of your downloaded records. You can view these at your leisure. Records with updates will have data in the far right column called Updated.

TrueGivers Record Display
TrueGivers Record Display

Search your Records

TrueGivers allows all you to search through your records downloaded through the integration. Navigate to the search bar (see picture above) at the top of the home page of Then, enter a search term and explore your records.

You can search using one of the following search terms:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • CRM Record Id

Additionally, you can click on the search button without entering a search term, and we will return a full list of records downloaded.

Record Statuses

TrueGivers has a few different statuses that we give to records within the app. These statuses are internal statuses and do not reflect the status of your record within your CRM.

Active: A record with a status of Active means that this record has the most up to date address data from within your CRM. This is the record that we send for processing.

Inactive: A record with a status of Inactive means that this record will not be downloaded, processed, or synchronized. This could be that your record was deleted our of your CRM by someone from your organization. This could be that your Integration Settings prevented us from synchronizing the record. Or you or a member of your organization turned Updates off for this record.

Archived: A record with a status of Archived means that this record has old address data. TrueGivers marked this record as Archived because we found that the primary address for this record has changed or there was a change to the current primary address.

Different Record Statuses
Different Record Statuses

Sync your Records

TrueGivers automatically runs a nightly sync on your records.

We scan your Bloomerang database nightly to check for new data you entered. This allows us to provide updates almost in real time. When you add new accounts or other data, we'll include that in our daily check to make sure you always have the most current, accurate data available.

We also re-process your entire database once a week to look for new changes in our data sources. This process allows us to deliver the most up-to-date data available in the market.

However, if you are excited to get new data into your CRM more quickly, the Synchronize button in the Next Steps messaging will kick off synchronization for every record in your database. This process is automated to be done overnight, so you never have to click this button. It's just a way to get your updates even faster.

synchronize all
Click to synchronize all.

The Synchronize button on the record display page is used to synchronize the data for that single record with your CRM. This pushes new and standardized data into your CRM. To synchronize a single record, just navigate to the record you would like to sync and review the data changes. If you like the data you see, you can sync the record by clicking on the Synchronize button. This button is located at the top right of the record's page. When you click this button, we will prompt you to confirm the sync. You will be given another prompt when your record has finished its sync. Then, you can navigate to the record in your CRM and see the updates provided.

Synchronize Individual Record
Click synchronize to sync an individual record

Revert your Records

TrueGivers provides a Revert button to remove the data added to your CRM during synchronization and returns the record to what it looked like before TrueGivers downloaded it. Users have the ability to revert a single record at a time. Just navigate to the record you would like to revert. If the record has been Synchronized already, then the revert button will be activated. When you click this button, we will prompt you to confirm the revert. You will be given another prompt when your record has finished reverting. Then, you can navigate to the record in your CRM and see the changes made.

Stewardship Tasks

Data Stewardship Tasks and Donor Stewardship Tasks are based on data enhancement identified during update processing. They provide a specific action you can take on a specific record to improve data stewardship – and ultimately your relationship with your donor.  Tasks serve two purposes. First, they help you keep your database as clean and ready-to-use as possible. This helps you practice regular maintenance and avoid clunky batch updates. Second, tasks are designed to help you stay in regular communication with your donors by leveraging the data in your CRM. We prompt you to take small steps that bolster your relationships. For example, a common task is to send a birthday card to your donor.

Interacting with TrueGivers' Stewardship Tasks does not actually carry out the action stated in the task. Instead, it is an internal way to track your data clean-up or donor communications.  For example, approving the Stay in Touch task will not send any communication to the donor. This is simply a recommendation for you to contact your donor's family now that you are aware of their move.

You can interact with tasks in several ways.

  • Task Settings - control which tasks you would like TrueGivers to create automatically and which user we should assign the task to in your CRM. This allows you to assign different task types to different users (like different staff members or a trusted volunteer).
    • Disabled: TrueGivers will not create automated Tasks.
    • Pending: TrueGivers will create automated Tasks in TrueGivers, but will not push them to your CRM. Tasks are created as Pending by default.
    • Enabled: TrueGivers will create automated Tasks in TrueGivers, push those tasks to your CRM, and assign them to the user you specified.

task settings
Navigate to your Task settings in TrueGivers to control how and when Data Stewardship Tasks are created.

  • Data Stewardship Dashboard - see a count of Tasks by type. Click the task type to see a list of all records with the specified task.

Task Cards
Task Cards

  • Your CRM - if you have enabled Tasks in TrueGivers the tasks will be pushed to your CRM. Navigate to your task list, work flow, or similar feature in your CRM to see a list of Tasks. Alternatively, navigate to a record in your CRM to see details for their associated tasks.

Read more here: Getting Started with Stewardship Tasks



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