The Addressee Identified on a Move Task


The Addressee Identified on a Move Task is a Data Stewardship Task. Addressee and Attention data should not be listed in address fields. We know that not all CRMs provide additional space for you to put this extra information, but we always recommend that you try to! When TrueGivers downloads an address, we parse it to attempt to identify if there is any addressee or attention data present. When there is, we remove it from the address_line_1 field and place it in our address_addressee or address_attention fields. This way, when USPS processes your address, address line 1 is actually address line 1! If we do not remove these extra details, the address will be marked as invalid.

We want to make sure that you are reviewing your addressee and attention data and if possible attempt to place it in an alternate field within your CRM.


  • address_addressee is not null
  • address_attention is not null
  • address_move_record_type = ‘C'
  • input_address_country = ‘US’

TrueGivers’ parser will identify if there was addressee or attention data listed on a downloaded address. We place the data in the address_addressee or address_attention field or both. Then, we confirm that a move address has been identified. Finally, a task is created.

Task Details

Tasks will include a caption indicating the Donor’s address had an identified addressee or attention data and a move was identified. The description indicating the addressee or attention data and what steps you should take. Here is an example:

Addressee Identified on a Move Task Details
Addressee Identified on a Move Task Details

Due Dates and Expiration Dates

TrueGivers adds Due Dates and Expiration Dates to your tasks so that you do not waste time reviewing 'old' tasks that are no longer relevant.

The Addressee Identified on a Move Task has a Due Date set for 3 days after the task was originally created, and a no Expiration Date set. We do not set expiration dates for Data Stewardship Tasks because we want you to take an action on these tasks. Data Stewardship Tasks should at least be reviewed to ensure your data is up to date.


In the CRM, Jane Doe’s primary address was downloaded with addressee data on it:

ATTN: Spot the Dog
123 Main Street
Chicago, IL 60606

TrueGivers identifies that ‘ATTN: Spot the Dog’ is not the address line 1 field. We remove this from the address line 1 field and place it in either the address_addressee or address_attention field.  The 123 Main Street is mapped as address line 1 and is sent for processing with USPS as such.  When the account finished processing, USPS returned a new  move address. TrueGivers will retain the addressee or attention data and depending on your addressee settings, retain this data when we synchronize the new address to your CRM. We will create a task because of the ‘ATTN: Spot the Dog’ data. Let’s say this record was sent for processing on 5/1/2019.

  • The Due Date will be set to 3 days after 5/1 which is May 4, 2019.
  • The Expiration Date will not be set.

Steps You Should Take

Remember: Stewardship Tasks provide a specific action you can take on a specific record to improve data stewardship – and ultimately your relationship with your donor. Stewardship Tasks serve two purposes.

  1. They help you keep your database as clean and ready-to-use as possible. This helps you practice regular maintenance and avoid clunky batch updates. These are the Data Stewardship Tasks like this one!
  2. Tasks are designed to help you stay in regular communication with your donors by leveraging the data in your CRM. We prompt you to take small steps that bolster your relationships. These are Donor Stewardship Tasks.

TrueGivers will provide some simple steps within the task itself. Use the Task Buttons to help keep track if you have started and completed a task or if you decided to ignore a specific task. TrueGivers provides the following buttons:

  • Approve
  • Complete
  • Decline
  • Delete

After you have determined what action you would like to take on the task, your first step is to review the data. Because TrueGivers uses third party data, you should always confirm the data provided is correct.

For the Addressee Identified Task, review the identified addressee or attention data. Confirm that this was in fact an addressee or attention. Then decide if you would like to continue retaining this information and if it is still relevant to the new move address. Change the New Addressee Option in your settings if necessary. Complete the task once you have made these data decisions.

Complete the task once you have completed your contact with the donor.

Data and Donor Stewardship Tasks

TrueGivers processes your database daily to look for new data matches to existing accounts, new accounts, and accounts you made edits to. With each process your database receives CASS/DPV/NCOA/RDI, Deceased Information, and Individual & Household data enhancements. Then we create Stewardship Tasks.

Want to learn more about our tasks? Head over to our Stewardship Tasks page.

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