Sprint 47 Release

These data stewardship features are operational across all integrations, including:


Data and Donor Stewardship Tasks

TrueGivers has revamped the stewardship tasks display. We have grouped tasks by type and use a pop up rather than new page to view your tasks.

Remember, TrueGivers processes your database daily to look for new data matches to exiting accounts, new accounts, and accounts you made edits to. With each process, TrueGivers will create Stewardship tasks. These tasks are small actions that you can take on a specific record to improve data stewardship and ultimately your relationship with your donor.

New Task Display

Stewardship Tasks Display Page
Stewardship Tasks Display Page

On each task type, we have also included a short narrative to describe why the task was created!

Filter by Task Type and Status

You can still filter by your task type. This will provide a full page view of your specific task type. Plus you can now filter by status! The default selected statuses are Pending, Active, and Completed. If you wanted to view any declined statuses, just select this status in the status filter.

Task Status filter
Task Status filter

View Tasks via pop-up

When you want to view a task, TrueGivers now provides a pop -up. This pop up provides the necessary information about the task - same as when we opened a new page. Providing a pop-up allows the tasks to be quicker to use and allow you to get to the next task without having to click the back button.

To view a single task, just click the task row. The pop up will look like this:

New Task pop-up
New Task pop-up

When you are ready to Approve the Task, click the Approve button at the bottom of the pop up. The screen will close, and you will be able to view your full task list.

Due Date and Expiration Date

TrueGivers previously created tasks to be due once they were created. We have update this to give the user at least 3 days before the task is due.  We have also created an Expiration Date! This date will decline the task for you and remove it from your default task lists.

Delete tasks out of your CRM

Some CRMs provide TrueGivers access to delete the task directly out of the CRM. When you delete a task, if applicable, TrueGivers will delete the task out of Bloomerang and TrueGivers. Keep in mind that deleting a task does not prevent TrueGivers from recreating the task in the future.

To delete a task, either select the task you would like to delete, and click the delete button located at the top of the Tasks display page or open the task and click delete.

Print a Task List

Ever wanted to just quickly print out a list of tasks to view and quickly update several accounts without having to click back and forth? TrueGivers now  has a print button! This print button does more than just print out the list you see on your page.

Clicking print will include all details that you normally view on a task plus it will provide the name and downloaded address of the account you are reviewing.

Print Tasks
Print Tasks


To print, just pick and choose which tasks you would like to print. Select the checkbox and click the print button located at the top of the tasks display page. - Right next to your Tasks Settings button! - This will pop open the print page so you can decide to Print to PDF or directly to the printer.

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