Sprint 48 Release

These data stewardship features are operational across all integrations, including:


Tasks: Automatically Cancelled and Expired

TrueGivers has recently added a new improvement to tasks - automatically cancelling or expiring tasks. This improvement to tasks allows you to better control your tasks and prevents you from taking action on a record that no longer needs it.

To view any Cancelled or Expired tasks, you can always filter by status on the tasks display page.

Status - Cancelled or Expired
Status - Cancelled or Expired Filter

Cancelled Tasks

TrueGivers will automatically update a task to have a status of 'Cancelled' when a task that was previously created is no longer true.

For example, an address that USPS marked as having an Invalid address status is now being returned as having a Valid address status. This can happen as USPS is updating it's own master list.

As you know, TrueGivers creates a task when we identify an address as invalid: Invalid Address Identified. Because this address is now being returned as valid, TrueGivers will update the Invalid Address Identified task that was initially created to have a status of Cancelled.

Cancelled Task
Cancelled Task

We will only cancel a task if it has a status of Pending or Active.  We will not cancel a task if you took the action and completed the task already.

Automatically cancelling tasks helps you avoid making changes to an address when no change is necessary and saves you some time when reviewing your tasks!


Expired Tasks

TrueGivers recently added expiration dates to Donor Stewardship Tasks. The expiration date can be viewed on the task display page. Just click on the task you would like to view! We only have expiration dates on Donor Stewardship Tasks because these are tasks that, after a specific time, are not valuable for you to take action on.

Data Stewardship tasks will not have an expiration date. This because you should always be taking action on the data in order to clean up your addresses within your CRM.

For example, a birthday task is created the month prior to the birthday month and year data matched during processing. We have the expiration date set for 60 days after the task is created. This means that the task should expire at the end of the "birthday" month.

Expired Task
Expired Task

We will only expire a task if it is in a status of Active or Pending. We will not expire a task if you took the action and completed the task already.
Expiring tasks allows us to clean up your task list so you are not sending birthday communications months after a listed birth month and year.

Single Record Download

TrueGivers provided the ability for you to download a single record into TrueGivers. This allowed allowed you to double check that the most recent information was being pulled into TrueGivers.

This button has been updated to include both a download and processing on a single record right from the integration. Sometimes, records get crowded with the different updates that TrueGivers finds. Other times, you may want to just check if a single person has an identified move or other changes to their account.

The Single Record Download button will delete the account within TrueGivers, and download the account from your CRM. We will record the any changes to the name or address. Then, we will send this record for processing. Once this is complete, you can refresh the page to view any new updates.

Single Record Download button
Single Record Download button

To use this button, pick a record that you have recently made changes to, search for this record within TrueGivers. On the record display page, you will see the buttons listed above. Click the download button. The system will prompt you to confirm. Click ok.

The page will refresh and you will only have the original column of data populated. If you view the dashboard, under your Recent Updates, you will see a new update is currently processing. Once this is completed, the new update information on the individual account will be inserted into the individual record. You can synchronize from that page or wait for the automatic synchronization to occur that night!

Things to Remember

Please be mindful that you will be deleting this individual record out of TrueGivers. This means that any related tasks will also be deleted out of TrueGivers. However, we will recreate any new tasks based on the new processing done after you click download.

This process is different from downloading new records into TrueGivers. If you have added at least one new record to your CRM and wanted to get your updates processed right away, just click the download button located at the top of your TrueGivers Data Stewardship Dashboard.