Sprint 27 Release

New Features

These data stewardship features are operational across all integrations, including:

New Task: Invalid Address Identified

Earlier in the week, TrueGivers released a new Task - Invalid Addresses Identified. This task is created when the USPS identifies a move as invalid. TrueGivers processes all address records through CASS/DPV. These services hygiene and standardize address data to comply with USPS standards. While this address is invalid you should avoid sending mail to the record.

Invalid Address Identified
Invalid Address Identified

This task is focused on motivating users to perform manual record clean up so that more of their records process through NCOA/CASS/DPV. USPS may mark an address as invalid for a few different reasons:

  • The address is not real: Double check that the address actually exists
  • There is missing address information
  • The address is not registered or is a new address

Make sure you are reviewing the address and checking with your donor to ensure that you have the correct information! If you have confirmed the correct information, you can always turn updates off for that specific record and TrueGivers will no longer mark it as bad.


Proper Case Updates

TrueGivers proper cases all addresses. We have improved our proper casing rules to provide better more consistent address proper casing. This was applied to addresses that include the following:

  • PO Box addresses
  • Farm to Market addresses
  • Pre and Post Street Directionals

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