Sprint 26 Release

New Features

These data stewardship features are operational across all integrations, including:


Tasks: Individual Condolences and Household Condolences

Limit task creation to within 6 months of deceased date

TrueGivers was originally creating a task for any new deceased person identified during processing. However, some deceased persons had passed away over a year ago. We have limited these task types to only be created for new deceased persons identified with a deceased date within the last six months.

Deceased Name in Deceased Tasks Caption

TrueGivers was using 'Your Donor' for initially created Individual Condolences and Household Condolences tasks. This was causing some confusion for customers. We now include the deceased's name within the task caption.

Tasks: Birth Month and Year in Birthday Tasks Caption

TrueGivers Birthday Communication task did not provide the birth month and year. Users wanted to quickly be able to review and confirm the birth month and year before they sent out any communication.

Task language
TrueGivers updated the language in some tasks to make the tasks more clear to the user.

Please note: in order to implement these changes, you should delete any pending tasks, and then click the refresh button. This will update your tasks to follow the new language listed above.


Tasks: Non-US addresses removed from tasks

TrueGivers does not update addresses outside of the US. Some of these addresses were still getting tasks created for them. We have updated our Tasks to exclude non-US addresses.