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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a Data Dictionary?

Yes! You can access our Data Dictionary here:

How can I access my API Key?

You can access your API Key contacting the Read more about what information you need here: Little Green Light - Setup.

Who can I contact to help me create my customizations?

TrueGivers automatically creates any customizations you will need. We provide full instructions on how to create a new categories in Little Green Light. You can find these instructions here:  Little Green Light - Setup.  If you are having issues accessing your Little Green Light account or customizations, please contact

How do you prevent duplicate records?

TrueGivers only processes records that are present in your account. We do not create any new records and instead we will synchronize data with the current fields present within each specific account. Additionally, for each account or address being synchronized, we make sure that we are referencing an Individual Account ID or an Address Key to avoid any duplications. For example, if we find that one of your donors moved, we will synchronize their address for you in a format that complies with USPS standards.

Do you identify duplicate records?

Yes, we do provide a duplicate identification service. Visit the Update Display page by clicking on the Update Name located underneath the map. You will see an Input Data Report and a Mailing Address Report. The Input Data Report provides a count of duplicates that TrueGivers identified. Read about it more on Little Green Light-Training.

How do I purchase credits?

You can purchase credits by clicking on the Purchase Credits button in the blue box on your Data Stewardship Dashboard. This will pop-up a purchase form to purchase credits.

You can also purchase credits by clicking the User Menu dropdown located in the top right corner of your screen. Then, click Credits. This will pop-up a purchase form to purchase credits.

What does the data on my Data Stewardship Dashboard tell me?

The Data Stewardship Dashboard provides high-level summary information of the data processed. Read more about the dashboard on Little Green Light-Training.

Why is my Total Records count in Little Green Light different from my TrueGivers Total Record count?

Your Total Records count in Little Green Light could be different from the Total Record count provided by TrueGivers because we only pull down records that are identified as individual accounts by Little Green Light. Organization accounts are not currently downloaded into TrueGivers.

Where does the Individual & Household (demographic) data come from?

TrueGivers sources data from many different suppliers. We curate each attribute by combining as many sources as possible. We use the best data available to provide the greatest coverage and the highest quality. This allows us to deliver high match rates and attributes with a narrow focus. Read more about our Individual & Household Enhancement data.

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