‘Lee Road’ Street Name Change Helpful Hints

Street Name Change in Smiths Station, Alabama

The city of Smiths Station, AL, recently acquired ownership of all streets within the city. Within the last year, they decided to rename streets named ‘Lee Road'. You can read more about this here: https://truegivers.com/street-name-change-lee-road-in-smiths-station-alabama/.

Valid Address Now Identified as Invalid by USPS

Because of this change, USPS is no longer recognizing several Lee Road XXX addresses as valid. This means that processing the data through address standardization will identify these addresses as invalid.

The address standardization process, will attempt to fully standardize an address by reformatting it to fit the standard address format. This occurs even though the address was previously found as valid by USPS.

New Street Name Assignments


You can view all street name assignments given by the city of Smiths Station by clicking here the picture to the right. These indicate the original Lee Road number and the new street name assignment.

For example, the first street in the list is '2  Oakleaf Drive'. The number listed indicates the the Lee Road number: Lee Road 2.

This means that any address located on 'Lee Road 2' will now have a street name of Oakleaf Drive.

Smiths Station Roads change email to constituents part 2

Address Updates that may have Occurred

There are a few different format combinations that our team has identified when USPS attempts to validate Lee Road addresses located in Smiths Station, AL. These addresses will have been updated within your CRM as such and the following table will help you determine what the actual address originally was, so that you can then update it within your CRM to use the new street name assigned to the specific street. The below are simply formatting and are not necessarily the exact address listed in your CRM.

Note the table below are all addresses located within Smiths Station, AL 36877. We have only include the address line 1 details.

Address in your CRM Actual Lee Road Address Address with New Street Name*
65 Lee Road 303 # 303 65 Lee Road 303 65 Byrd Ave
401 Lee Rd Rd # 224 401 Lee Road 224 401 Jones Rd
578 Lee Road 438 578 Lee Road 438 578 Bishop Rd
155 Lee Road 881 155 Lee Road 881 155 Lee Road 881 (No change needed**)

*Each new street name has been linked so you can view the validity of the change. You can always check the validity of the change by checking  USPS ZipCode Lookup or  SmartyStreets.

**Not all Lee Road street names have been changed. Our team has attempted to remove these from the tasks, but if you are noticing one we missed, please contact us at support@truegivers.com

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