The Birthday Task


TrueGivers creates the Birthday Task which is a Donor Stewardship Task. To create the task, we use  birth month and birth year data we find during updates and from your database. This donor stewardship task reminds you to send a birthday message during the donor's birth month. These donor stewardship tasks are created the previous month, so you have ample time to send birthday messages and interact with as many contacts as possible.


  • individual_date_of_birth is populated
  • month portion of individual_date_of_birth is following month from today's date
  • deceased_type does not equal Individual (donor is not deceased)

If the CRM has a Birthdate field, TrueGivers will pull down any listed date from that field and use this date in our individual_date_of_birth field. This is because we believe that you know more information about your donor than any Third Party data source that TrueGivers uses.

If you do not have the Birthdate field populated, TrueGivers will attempt to match the donor to our data source and provide the Birth Month and Birth Year.

Task Details

Tasks will include a caption indicating the Donor's Name and Birth Month/Birth Year, plus a description of what steps you should take. Here is an example:

Birthday Task Details - a Donor Stewardship Task
Birthday Task Details

Due Dates and Expiration Dates

TrueGivers adds Due Dates and Expiration Dates to your tasks so that you do not waste time reviewing 'old' tasks that are no longer relevant.

The Birthday Task has a Due Date set for 30 days after the task was originally created, and an Expiration Date set for 60 days after the task was originally created.


Jane Doe has an identified Birth Month/Year = 05/1970. On April 1, 2019, TrueGivers creates a Birthday Task for Jane Doe.

  • The Due Date will be set to 30 days after 4/1 which is May 1, 2019.
  • The Expiration Date will be set to 60 days after 4/1 which is May 31, 2019.

Steps You Should Take

Remember: Stewardship Tasks provide a specific action you can take on a specific record to improve data stewardship – and ultimately your relationship with your donor. Stewardship Tasks serve two purposes.

  1. They help you keep your database as clean and ready-to-use as possible. This helps you practice regular maintenance and avoid clunky batch updates. These are the Data Stewardship Tasks.
  2. Tasks are designed to help you stay in regular communication with your donors by leveraging the data in your CRM. We prompt you to take small steps that bolster your relationships. These are Donor Stewardship Tasks like this one!

TrueGivers will provide some simple steps within the task itself. Use the Task Buttons to help keep track if you have started and completed a task or if you decided to ignore a specific task. TrueGivers provides the following buttons:

  • Approve
  • Complete
  • Decline
  • Delete

After you have determined what action you would like to take on the task, your first step is to review the data. Because TrueGivers uses third party data, you should always confirm the data provided is correct.

For the Birthday Task, confirm that the Birth Month and Birth Year provided are correct for your donor. Once you are able to confirm the data is accurate, decide if you would like to open up communication with this donor. If so, send them a card, quick email, or give them a call wishing them an early happy birthday!

Complete the task once you have completed your contact with the donor.

Data and Donor Stewardship Tasks

TrueGivers processes your database daily to look for new data matches to existing accounts, new accounts, and accounts you made edits to. With each process your database receives CASS/DPV/NCOA/RDI, Deceased Information, and Individual & Household data enhancements. Then we create Stewardship Tasks.

Want to learn more about our tasks? Head over to our Stewardship Tasks page.

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