Sprint 44 Release

New Features

These data stewardship features are operational across all integrations, including:


Address Update Improvements

For Bloomerang customers only, we have improved how we are updating your addresses. We want it to be 100% clear if an address is non-mailable vs. mailable. This improvement will update a higher percentage of your database.

Additionally, you'll have access to two more Integration Settings: Existing Addressee Option and New Addressee Option.

Read more here.

Addressee Options Helpful Links

We have added links to the Existing Addressee Option and New Addressee Option Settings. These links will open a new page to their matching posts:


Archived Records

TrueGivers previously would show records that had been archived on the Record Display list. A record with a status of Archived means that this record has old address data. TrueGivers marked this record as Archived because we found that the primary address for this record has changed or there was a change to the current primary address.

With this release, we have now added a History section to the Record Display page. This section will list any old records for the specific donor. This means that you can view all records in one place without having to click through more than one record to view the changes.

Record History
Record History shows a list of records for a specific donor that have previously been synchronized.


  • We have removed the Updates toggle from the Integration Settings page. Users still have full access to the Update button on individual records.
  • Some customers had records that would not successfully synchronize when clicking the Re-Synchronize button.
  • Recent Update links were redirecting to an error.