Sprint 30 Release

New Features

These data stewardship features are operational across all integrations, including:

New Integration Setting - Synchronize Inactive Addresses as Do Not Mail

When TrueGivers found a non-mailable address (including vacant and invalid addresses), we would archive the address. This means that we would remove it from the primary and place it in an addresses section within the CRM. With this setting, users are able to decide if they would like the address to be removed from the primary or not.

Synchronize Inactive Addresses as Do Not Mail
Synchronize Inactive Addresses as Do Not Mail

When this setting is checked and enabled, addresses that are considered non-mailable will still be marked as Primary. These accounts will have the CRM's do not mail flag set to true.

When this setting is not checked and disabled, addresses that are considered non-mailable will be removed from the Primary and placed within the CRM's address section. These accounts will also have the CRM's do not mail flag set to true. This setting is defaulted to off.

To turn this setting on or off, you should take the following steps:

  1. Navigate to your integration settings
  2. Locate this new setting
  3. Select or deselect the checkbox
  4. Finally, click the Save button located in the top left of the settings page.

New Task: Missing or Unconfirmed Address Line 2

TrueGivers released a new Task - Missing or Unconfirmed Address Line 2. This task is created when the USPS is unable to confirm the given address line 2 data or flags the record as missing address line 2 data. TrueGivers processes all address records through CASS/DPV. These services hygiene and standardize address data to comply with USPS standards.

Missing or Unconfirmed Address 2
Missing or Unconfirmed Address 2

During this processing, we may identify that the address line 1 details are confirmed, but the USPS service could not confirm the address line 2 details or flagged that they were missing. In many cases, these addresses need a simple modification. In other cases, the CRM user should contact their donor to confirm the address data. This will include missing address 2 and incorrect address 2 (Apt A vs. Apt 1). This task should help users determine:

  • If they want to ignore our DPV notes and continue mailing to the address in their CRM
  • If they want to contact their donor to confirm or update address information
  • If they want to focus on email communication

This task is focused on motivating users to perform manual record clean up so that more of their records process through NCOA/CASS/DPV.

Not seeing this task? You may need to update it to pending in the tasks settings. Setting it to pending will only create these tasks within TrueGivers. It will not create the tasks within your CRM. Once you select Pending, go back to the tasks page and click refresh. Read more about tasks here: https://truegivers.com/getting-started-with-stewardship-tasks/


Processing Updates

TrueGivers has improved their Update processing to save time and be more efficient. Previously, TrueGivers was downloading and processing all records every night. For some organizations, this was causing their database updates to be delayed significantly.

The USPS only provides updates once a week. This means that any records that were processed through this service will not have any new updates until the following week. With this new process, we are pulling down any new records that you have added to your database as well as records that you may have edited throughout the week. These records will be in the 150 count and will be processed through the Address Standardization and NCOA service. This allows us to still provide you with updates each night and ensure that any new records are standardized and current. Then once a week, we will process your whole database to look for updates or changes.

Improved Update Processing
Improved Update Processing

You can hover over the asterisk to view why we chose 150 records.


Remove Inactive Users in Settings

Some users that are no longer active in their CRM were being listed in both the User Notification Settings and the Task Settings. We have filtered any users that have an inactive or disabled setting in their CRM to not be an option in TrueGivers' different settings.

Missing/Unconfirmed Address Line 2

When an address is processed through the USPS CASS and DPV (address standardization) service, they identify whether an address is deliverable or not. Many times the post office can identify the physical location is deliverable, but cannot confirm the provided address line 2 data or there is address line 2 data missing. We have added a new address status that will indicate if that is the case.

Address status code for missing address line 2
Address status code for missing address line 2


Tasks Filter

When some tasks were automatically selected in the Tasks filter. Two task types would be listed in the filter despite only one filter being selected. This has been resolved to only show the task type selected.

Custom Field Selection

Some users were having issues selecting and deselecting their custom fields within the Integration Settings. This has been resolved so that users could easily pick which fields they wanted in the integration.