Sprint 19 Release

New Features

These data enhancement features are operational across all integrations, including:

  • Bloomerang
  • DonorPerfect
  • Little Green Light
  • NeonCRM

Task Type: Addressee Identified

Stewardship Tasks provide a specific action you can take on a specific record to improve data stewardship – and ultimately your relationship with your donor.

The Address Identified task is created when TrueGivers identifies addressee data in the address line 1 field. Examples of this include something like "Attn: John Doe", "C/O John Doe", or a business name. TrueGivers parses the data during data enhancement processing and removes the addressee from the address line 1 field in the database.

addressee identified task
See above for an example Addressee Identified task.

This task asks you to review the record and see if you can update in your CRM before processing again. We recommend storing addressee data in a different field like salutation, envelope name, or something similar. Only address data should be in any address line 1 field. After you correct the formatting for this record in your database the record can be processed for updates.