Sprint 18 Release

New Features

These data enhancement features are operational across all integrations, including:

  • Bloomerang
  • DonorPerfect
  • Little Green Light
  • NeonCRM

Hover Descriptions for Dashboard Elements

We added new descriptions to the Data Stewardship Dashboard. Now you can hover over any card and the Coverage & Quality report to see a brief description of what data enhancement is behind that count. For example, if you hover your mouse cursor over the Deceased card a tool tip will show the description "Count of records that will have deceased data applied during synchronization".

dashboard hover descriptions
Hover over dashboard cards and other elements to see a description of what data enhancement is behind that count.

There are descriptions for the following sections:

  • Total Records (top row)
  • Savings (top row)
  • Individuals (top row)
  • Households (top row)
  • Moves (top row)
  • Deceased (top row)
  • Total Records (synchronize row)
  • Moves (synchronize row)
  • Mailable Addresses (synchronize row)
  • Non-mailable Addresses (synchronize row)
  • Deceased Records (synchronize row)
  • Enhanced Records (synchronize row)
  • Mailing Address Coverage
  • Email Address Coverage
  • Phone Number Coverage