Automated DonorPerfect NCOA Updates

What are DonorPerfect NCOA updates?

NCOA (National Change of Address) or NCOALink is a data set containing approximately 160 million permanent change-of-address records filed with the United States Postal Service® in the last 48 months. This list consists of names and addresses of individuals, families, and businesses who have filed a change of address.

In other words, consumers will voluntarily fill out a change of address form online or at their local Post Office. As a result, USPS will apply that move and mail will now be forwarded to their new address.

TrueGivers automated DonorPerfect NCOA updates make that data available to organizations like yours. This process will return new updated addresses for individuals who moved in the previous 48-months.

How do DonorPerfect NCOA updates work?

TrueGivers has partnered with DonorPerfect to offer nightly data stewardship updates including NCOA. This integration will make sure all your year-end appeals and follow-ups are actually delivered to your donors. Plus… you’ll find new data that can add even more to your bottom line.

We scan your DonorPerfect database nightly to check for new data you entered. This allows us to provide updates almost in real time. When you add new records or other data, we'll include that in our daily check to make sure you always have the most current, accurate data available.

We also re-process your entire database once a week to look for new changes in our data sources. This process allows us to deliver the most up-to-date data available in the market.

This integration helps keep your database updated automatically with the following data services:

  • CASS/DPV - All of your addresses will be hygiened to comply with USPS standards.
  • NCOA (National Change of Address) - All of your names and addresses will be processed against the USPS NCOA 18/48 month update file. New addresses will be added and old addresses will be archived.
  • RDI (Residential Delivery Indicator) - All of your addresses will be flagged to indicate if the delivery address is a residence or commercial location.
  • Vacancy & Other Address Services - All of your addresses will be flagged to indicate if the delivery address is mailable.
  • Deceased - Any deceased individuals or households will be flagged with a confidence, date, and deceased link.
  • Individual & Household Data Enhancements - Individual and household records will be enhanced with third-party and curated data. We're always adding new ones, so be sure to check the data dictionary.

The integration automates data stewardship by standardizing and updating addresses, marking deceased donors, and adding critical information like age, income and other essential information. Now these basic but all-important tasks can be performed automatically and inexpensively.

We create a dashboard that shows a high-level analysis of your file and helps you evaluate your organization's data health. In mere minutes, we'll finish a full scan and update records in your database with current addresses, deceased information, and Individual & Household Data Enhancements.

Learn more about the TrueGivers and DonorPerfect integration here.

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