Sprint 50 Release


These data stewardship features are operational across all integrations, including:

New Task: Move with No Forwarding Address

TrueGivers released a new Task - Move with No Forwarding Address. This task is created when USPS identifies a move, but no forwarding address was supplied. Typically, this means that someone completed a change of address form with USPS. Unfortunately, they did not provide a new address on the form. (Did you know consumers fill out this form themselves?)

Move with No Forwarding Address
Move with No Forwarding Address

Because USPS reported a move, we know that this donor no longer lives at the listed address. At this time, you should not mail to this address. If you have an email address or phone number for this donor, now is a good time to contact them. See if they would like to be re-added to your mailing list. This can help you recapture mail address information and include them in direct mail activities.


New Task: Vacant Address Identified

USPS keeps track of any vacant addresses. A vacancy can happen for many reasons:

  • The address appears vacant
  • Mail is not being removed from the box
  • Customer is living at a new address
  • Address is a new construction

USPS gives an explanation of why a customer may receive a vacant notice here.

TrueGivers processes all address records through CASS/DPV. These services hygiene and standardize address data to comply with USPS standards. This task is created when TrueGivers identifies an address that is considered vacant by USPS.

Vacant Address Identified
Vacant Address Identified

While this address is vacant you should avoid sending mail to the record. It is possible that the data will be updated in the data source, which TrueGivers will discover during subsequent update processing.

We will report this change when we identify that the new address is no longer considered vacant by USPS.

Not seeing these tasks? You may need to update it to pending in the tasks settings. Updating it to pending will only create these tasks within TrueGivers. It will not create the tasks within your CRM. Once you select Pending, go back to the tasks page and click refresh. Read more about tasks here: https://truegivers.com/getting-started-with-stewardship-tasks/.


NeonCRM Integration: Identifying Non-Mailable Addresses

Through processing CASS/DPV and NCOA on your addresses, TrueGivers helps to identify non-mailable vs mailable addresses. Additionally, we identify persons that have moved, and those that have provided a new address. When TrueGivers finds a non-mailable address for a donor, we remove the address from the Primary Address within Neon. However, the Neon Scheduler is now pushing an address into the primary if there is not a primary address listed. This is an issue because it prevents you from easily finding an address that was marked as non-mailable by TrueGivers.

TrueGivers has updated their process of identifying non-mailable moves within Neon. We are now using the 'Do Not Contact' flag on an account.

Neon - Do Not Contact
Neon - Do Not Contact

TrueGivers will add this flag to an account when the following is true about an address:

  • Primary Address is considered invalid or multi-matched. This means they could not be found or matched exactly to USPS's master list.
  • Primary Address is considered vacant.
  • Primary address is identified as a move with no forwarding address.
  • Move is identified, but moved address is identified as invalid, multi-matched, or vacant.

We expect to receive access to a new invalid address flag soon. When we do, we will use that flag to indicate if an address is non-mailable rather than the Do Not Contact flag.

Use stewardship tasks to identify non-mailable addresses

To help you identify the different accounts that we updated with do not contact, you can review our tasks. TrueGivers has several different tasks that can help you identify addresses that have been identified as non-mailable. We highly recommend using these tasks to determine any issues with your addresses. These tasks are created after each processing and include:

  • Invalid Address Identified
  • Multi Matched Address Identified
  • Move to Non-Mailable Address
  • Vacant Address Identified (Recently Released)
  • Move, No Forwarding Identified (Recently Released)

The tasks are fully integrated with Neon and can be automatically created in the Activities section on an account. Read more about tasks here.

If you would like us to update all non-mailable accounts with the ‘Do Not Contact’ flag, or if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.