Sprint 39 Release

New Features

These data stewardship features are operational across all integrations, including:


New Setting - Synchronize Verbose Line 2

TrueGivers created a new setting that allows you to control how address data is synchronized with your CRM after data enhancement.  This setting - Synchronize Verbose Line 2 - allows you to choose if you would like data in address line 2 to be standardized to be verbose.

This means we will use 'Apartment' rather than 'Apt' during synchronization. Both variations and spellings are considered standardized by the United States Postal Serviec. This setting allow you to focus on how you want address data to appear in your database and on envelopes for mailings.

Synchronize Verbose Line 2
Synchronize Verbose Line 2

When this setting is checked and enabled, during the automatic download and processing, all secondary address data will be updated to be verbose. Then, these will be updated in your CRM.

When this setting is not checked and disabled, all secondary address data will be update to be standardized and abbreviated. Secondary address designators will be updated to be 'Apt' rather than 'Apartment' or 'Ste' rather than 'Suite'. This setting is turned off by default.

This setting will be applied to all applicable records during your next full database synchronization. (Read more here under Processing Updates.)

Want this setting applied right away? Log into your TrueGivers account. Enable and save the setting in your Integration Settings. Next, on your Data Stewardship Dashboard, click the Download button. This button will download all records from your CRM and process them to have verbose address line 2. Then, you can click synchronize once your records have completed processing!


Synchronize Verbose Street Suffix Setting Update

Synchronize Verbose Street Suffix Setting is now Synchronize Verbose Line 1. This setting will update any information listed in the Address Line 1 field to be verbose. This means that any Pre and Post directions and the Street Suffix will be spelled out. For example:

Synchronized Address with setting applied
Address Line 1: 3510 South Michigan Avenue
City: Chicago
State: IL
Zip: 60653-1020

Synchronized Address with setting not applied
Address Line 1: 3510 S Michigan Ave
City: Chicago
State: IL
Zip: 60653-1020

This setting can be found in your integration settings.

Synchronize Verbose Line 1
Synchronize Verbose Line 1


Address Line 3 and Line 4

Some CRM providers have up to four address line fields. TrueGivers is now downloading information from all 4 fields in order to process this data through the address standardization and NCOA service. You'll now see two new fields on the record display page: input_address_line_3 and input_address_line_4.


Retain Status on Download

Some CRM providers have an account status. Previously, we were not retaining this status and some accounts were inadvertently updated from inactive to active. TrueGivers is now downloading this status and using it when updating the account during synchronization. You can view what status we found on download on your record display page and looking for a field called input_status. We currently provide three statuses: Active (A), Inactive (I), and Deceased (D). Not seeing a value? Your CRM may not support account statuses.

The only time TrueGivers will change the status is when an account has an Individual Deceased Match (First + Last + Address). TrueGivers will update the account status to Deceased.

Enhancement Match Rate

The Synchronize Verbose Street Suffix Setting was causing an issue where enhancement data was not being matched to some records. We have improved this setting (See Improvements), and we now apply this setting during synchronization rather than address processing. This ensures that all enhancement data is being matched correctly.

Email Address on Download

Some users were having issues with download and synchronizations due to an email address issue. This issue simply caused the download to error. We were able to update our email address handling to ensure that all email addresses were being downloaded successfully.