Sprint 14 Release

New Features

Add User

We released a new feature that allows you to create additional users for your TrueGivers account. To do so, simply login to your Data Stewardship Dashboard and navigate to Organization Settings. You can find these settings by clicking the user icon in the top right corner to open User Menu Drop Down. Then, click the "Add User" button. This opens a form that asks for first name, last name, and user name (email address).

Add New Users in your Organization Settings
Add New Users in your Organization Settings

To add a new user simply fill out the form and make sure the "Send password reset" box is checked. Then click save. This creates the new user and also sends them an email with a temporary password. All account users have the same permissions and access throughout the TrueGivers app.


Phone Number Download

Some users were experiencing an issue with phone number downloads. We have improved our download process to handle more phone number cases. This supports reporting for data enhancement and the Coverage & Quality Analysis on the Data Stewardship Dashboard.