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Integrating TrueGivers & DonorPerfect

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It Pays for Itself

TrueGivers believes in no-nonsense pricing. With the TrueGivers and DonorPerfect integration, you are guaranteed to be getting the best price.

Record Minimum
Record Maximum
Price per Month
Average Monthly Savings
1 1,000 $4 $7.40
1,001 5,000 $8 $68.16
5,001 10,000 $12 $120.44
10,001 15,000 $20 $230.96
15,001 25,000 $40 $363.75
25,001 50,000 $60 $1,406.96
50,001 100,000 $80 $2,140.31
100,001 250,000 $100 $3,582.68
250,001 500,000 $250 $4,802.22
500,001 1,000,000 $500 $6,534.80
1,000,001 Unlimited $1,000 $13,069.60

The integration pays for itself each month in direct data, postage, and processing costs. It includes a hygiene of your database plus unlimited daily processing and synchronization! You receive the same processing and synchronized data regardless of your pricing tier.

  • Address Standardization (CASS & DPV)
  • Updated Addresses for 18-Month moves (NCOA)
  • Updated Addresses for 48-Month moves (NCOA)
  • Move Dates
  • Identified Invalid Addresses
  • Identified Vacant Addresses
  • Identified Residential Addresses
  • Deceased Date
  • Deceased Type
  • Deceased Link
  • Business Owner
  • Home Owner
  • Net Worth Decile
  • Market Value Range
  • Income Decile
  • Religion
  • Heritage
About Credits

TrueGivers uses credits to streamline the purchasing process. One (1) credit is equal to $0.10. You are able to purchase credits by clicking the Purchase Credits button that is visible on the Dashboard. Additionally, you can purchase credits through the Credits Counter located in the User Menu dropdown. This is located at the top right corner of your screen. Credits help us deliver uninterrupted service for our customers.

TrueGivers does a record count during daily processing to confirm your pricing tier. When your record count changes, we will automatically deduct your new monthly credit fee from your total credits. This offers flexibility as your database grows and allows us to provide services for these additional records.

Avoid Hidden Costs

Hidden Costs are an analysis of the average costs your organization can incur when NCOA, Deceased Suppression, and Data Enhancement are not prioritized in your strategy. Things like wasted postage, returned mail expenses, attempting to contact deceased contacts, or skipping segmentation all contribute to this hidden cost. You can avoid these extra costs by making sure your data is up to date.


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