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Integrating TrueGivers & DonorPerfect

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While setting up your TrueGivers and DonorPerfect integration, several user defined fields are required to support the full integration. These user defined fields are not created automatically, so you will need to create them. If you prefer, you can contact DonorPerfect Support to create them for you. During registration, we will verify them, but you will have to review them if there are existing conflicts. We will help you every step of the way. Check out instructions to create these user definted fields and their details here: DonorPerfect - Setup.

DonorPerfect Support

Phone: (215) 628-4343
Email: support@donorperfect.com

The customizations required for this integration:

  • Deceased Type
  • Deceased Date
  • Deceased Link
  • Birth Year
  • Business Owner
  • Home Owner
  • Net Worth Decile
  • Market Value Range
  • Income Decile
  • Religion
  • Heritage

Objects we update:

  • Address -  Constituent Contact Information
  • Address 2 - Constituent Contact Information
  • City - Constituent Contact Information
  • State - Constituent Contact Information
  • ZIP - Constituent Contact Information
  • Address Type - Addresses
  • *Do Not Send Mail?  - Contact Preferences
  • *No Mail Reason - Contact Preferences

* These fields will only be updated based on the settings you turn on/off.

Objects we create:

  • TrueGivers creates the following objects when we identify a move address:
    • Address - Addresses
    • Address 2 - Addresses
    • City - Addresses
    • State - Addresses
    • ZIP - Addresses

Note: The created objects listed above will not affect existing objects. When we find a move for one of your Individual Accounts, we will create the standardized move address and mark it as primary. The original address will be standardized and moved to the Address Section.


Objects we delete:

  • Currently, we do not delete any data from your database. We simply process your data and synchronize it for you.

Learn more about DonorPerfect customizations here: Creating User Defined Fields.

Where can I find the fields used in the integration?


TrueGivers Fields
DonorPerfect Field Prompt
Address Line 1 Address No
Address Line 2 Address 2 No
Address City Name City No
Address State Code State No
Address Postal Code ZIP No
Address Postal Code Extension ZIP No
Deceased Type Deceased Type Yes
Deceased Date Deceased Date Yes
Deceased Link Deceased Link Yes
Birth Year Birth Year Yes
Business Owner Business Owner Yes
Home Owner Home Owner Yes
Net Worth Decile Net Worth Decile Yes
Market Value Range Market Value Range Yes
Income Decile Income Decile Yes
Religion Religion Yes
Heritage Heritage Yes


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