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Integrating TrueGivers & Bloomerang

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Custom fields are where TrueGivers stores individual enhancement data, household enhancement data, and deceased data. Several customizations are required to support the full TrueGivers and Bloomerang integration. Read more about these customizations and their details below.

The following customizations are created automatically by Bloomerang during the first time your database is synchronized:

  • Birth Year

Additionally, you may elect to enable additional custom fields. To create these additional fields, simply navigate to your integration settings and ensure the checkbox is enabled. The following fields will be created on the next synchronization after you enable them:

  • Business Owner
  • Home Owner
  • Net Worth Decile
  • Market Value Range
  • Income Decile
  • Religion
  • Heritage

Objects we update:

  • Address -  Address
  • City - Address
  • State - Address
  • Zip Code - Address
  • Country - Address
  • Status - Basic Info

Objects we create:

  • TrueGivers creates the following objects when we identify a move address.
    • Address 1 -  Address Section
    • Address 2 - Address Section
    • City - Address Section
    • State - Address Section
    • Zip Code - Address Section
    • County - Address Section
    • Address Note - Address Details

Note: The created objects listed above will not affect existing objects. When we find a move for one of your Individual Accounts, we will create the standardized move address and mark it as primary. The original address will be standardized and marked as not primary.

Objects we delete:

  • Currently, we do not delete any data from your database. We simply process your data and synchronize it for you.

Learn more about Bloomerang customizations here:

Where can I find the fields used in the Integration?


TrueGivers Fields
Bloomerang Section
Bloomerang Field Name
Address Line 1 Addresses Address No
Address Line 2 Addresses Address No
Address City Name Addresses City No
Address State Code Addresses State No
Address Postal Code Addresses Zip Code No
Address Postal Code Extension Addresses Zip Code No
Address Country Code Addresses Zip Code No
Deceased Flag Basic Info Status No
Birth Year TrueGivers Demographics Birth Year No
Business Owner TrueGivers Demographics Business Owner Yes
Home Owner TrueGivers Demographics Home Owner Yes
Net Worth Decile TrueGivers Demographics Net Worth Decile Yes
Market Value Range TrueGivers Demographics Market Value Range Yes
Income Decile TrueGivers Demographics Income Decile Yes
Religion TrueGivers Demographics Religion Yes
Heritage TrueGivers Demographics Heritage Yes


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