Helping You With Your Data Stewardship Responsibilities

You already know that TrueGivers' Data Stewardship integrates with your CRM for fully automated hands-off data updates.

After each daily update TrueGivers' process automatically creates tasks based on changes in the data that help to increase retention rates through data hygiene, timely and targeted communications, and field personnel updates.

Data Stewardship and Donor Stewardship Tasks are triggered automatically and include the following:

  • Tasks created based on data updates like invalid or missing addresses, moves, deceased, and data enhancements
  • Ability to control which Tasks will be generated
  • Ability to control who is assigned to each type of Task
  • Ability to manually review and create Tasks
  • Automatic channel assignment based on available data (email, mail, phone, sms)
  • Email summary of Tasks created, pending, cancelled, etc. after each update process
  • Simple reporting on Task performance

Currently available Stewardship Tasks include:

  • Stay in Touch – Send donors a communication letting them know you won’t lose touch and hope that their move wasn’t too stressful.
    • For organizations with program affiliations, they can refer them to programs in their area
  • Condolences – Send donors family members a condolences communication.
    • For organizations with field personnel, they can make a personal visit
    • Organizations can also choose to send flowers
  • Birthday – Send a quick message during the donor’s birth month or day, depending on the data available.
    • The organization can include their total impact since first gift
    • The organization can send a message to someone in the field

We have more than 20 in the works, so stay tuned for updates. If you're already a TrueGivers customer, you can enable these in your Task Settings.

Learn more about the services included with Data Stewardship 100% customized and fully integrated and automated for your CRM. See Data Stewardship Services to get started.